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“Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.” Janis Joplin

We have to choose our future career when we are 17-18 years old when we really don’t know anything about life and we don’t know who we are.  Happy people, who have a hobby or passion in their childhood and listen to their hearts from the beginning, usually choose the right one. I’m saying usually because sometimes their families try to advise them and they begin to doubt themselves, for example how can they live from painting, singing or dancing it won’t be easy to be an actress, you will not succeed, and so on.

Unfortunately, those who lack confidence, abandon their dreams and passions and finish college with a degree that is meant to give them certainty, but that doesn’t give them joy or happiness.  Then after ten or twenty years we might meet them at a psychologist and they are often diagnosed with depression. in the best-case scenario, they go to a coach, where they start everything from the beginning.  Or in the worst case they end up unhappy and complaining about their lives.

If they don’t have a passion, what are teenagers meant to do? If they’re a humanist, they go onto becoming a teacher, a psychologist or a  sociologist, and if they’re good at maths or physics they might go onto engineering.

Is this what planning out your life looks like? Does it have to be this way? These problems are not only encountered during your teenage years.  Adults find themselves at this stage again, after many years of working in the same profession.  They have some experience and know what they don’t want to do in life.  If you are in this moment in your life, ask yourself this:

– What do I really want to do?

– What makes me happy?

– What makes me feel like I’m alive?

– What kind of job would get me out of bed with enthusiasm early on Monday morning

What did you discover while answering those questions? Maybe you found your passion a long time ago, or have some ideas for your future job, but you have some doubts whether you could do it professionally or get money for it. Ask yourself questions:

– Does it help someone fulfil their dreams?

– Would it make someone happy?

– Does it satisfy someone’s needs?

Maybe you do not have the qualifications, you don’t know the language very well, you have a lack of experience or you don’t have a professional qualification.  Never give up on something just because of the time you have to sacrifice to achieve it.  Remember, time will always pass, and you will either start doing what you want, or you will always complain about your job and your life.  You might become depressed, feel stressed and in addition you might start blaming your boss or your bad luck.

But you might still not know what you want to do.

I understand you perfectly, if you really don’t know what to do next, but feel the need for change, then at this point the most important thing is to know yourself.  Find out what’s most important for you in your life.  Know you’re what you value in the world and about yourself.  Maybe these beliefs only limit you, they are long out of date or are not yours at all.  It’s time to change.

Don’t forget to find yourself and find out who you are.  Ask yourself:

What would I like to do and what can I give the world?

What’s important to me?

What problems about the world am I most concerned about and how can I solve them?

What are my strengths?

What am I good at?

What makes me different from others?

What do I do better than others?

What comes to me more easily than others?

It’s worth taking some time to find out what makes you happy and just start doing it.

Of course, I am not telling you to quit your job straight away.  If you can afford to do that then great.  I encourage you not to waste your talents.  Don’t give up on your passions, and step into the path your heart drives.  Maybe on the way you will discover a new passion and abilities that you did not know about.

Without this change, your life will be as it is.  If you want to change, then you have to start doing things you haven’t done yet, and that requires courage and that’s what I want you to do today.

I believe in YOU.


Only for Women

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Today I would like to remind all women about the most important person and friend in their life, which they are for themselves.

I would like to remind you of the most important love in your life, which is love for yourself.

I would like to recall how important respect, care, trust and faith are to yourself.

You are wives, mothers, lovers, grandmothers, singles, sisters, employees, bosses.  You offer these roles commitment from morning to evening, and even 24 hours a day.

Often you are so tired of your hectic life that you forget about yourself. You are running around children, your partner, running after a promotion or the acceptance of someone, and forget about the most important acceptance, acceptance of yourself.

I would like to ask you to treat yourself every day like today, on March 8, men treat us, and even better, So that you have renewed relationship with your inner child with the cute little girl who had big dreams and for whom the world was open.

everything depends on you, you just have to make a decision:

From now on I will treat myself as I would like to be treated by my partner.

From today, I will be the most important person to myself.

From today, I will be very pleasant.

From today, I will start the day from smiling to myself in the mirror.

From today, I will tell myself – I love you, you’re my best friend.

From today, every day I will find at least 10 minutes for myself and do what makes me the most joyful.

Did you try it already? If not, try it.

Do you realize that you are unique and that if you will take care of yourself, your mood, emotions and health, you will become more self-confident and more beautiful?

You may say that you are not beautiful, but I can guarantee you that your charm and your bright eyes are much more important than pristine beauty.

Dear women, today we have the capability, which our grandmothers could only have dreamed of.

We have access to knowledge on any subject that interests us, often free of charge.

We can fulfil our dreams and pursue our passions.

We can change our lives at any time.

We can be strong and independent if we want to. Sometimes we lack courage, but once we take the first step in the right direction, nothing can stop us. We can fall, but we get up and try again.

If you are at a difficult time in your life and are wondering which way to go, ask your heart, and it certainly will choose the right path.

Just make sure you start to love yourself and that you would never do anything to spite your values in life. Knowing yourself is a key action before making a decision related to your future, work or a new relationship.

Today, I would like to wish you to believe in yourself and show the world your uniqueness.


Hanna Walter

Career and Business Coach

Your Personal Brand


Personal branding is not only a requirement for today’s businesses, but for anyone who wants to successfully navigate the job market or promote it.

These days it is not enough to have a good CV and professional education. Employers are looking for what sets us apart from other candidates.

Nowadays, social media plays the role of interpersonal communication. It is the source of all information and it is a marketing tool.  If we care about our image, before we create our accounts we should think about what we want to show the world.

According to a study, only 15% of people have defined their personal brand, and only 5% live according to it. That’s not everything. In fact, 70% of professionals believe that they have defined their brand, and 50% believe that they live according to it.

Unfortunately, in most cases, they have focused on self-promotion, not on what their personal brand is. A Personal brand is not only what we show on social media, but what we represent, how others feel about us, the impression we make on others and also what makes us unique. Personal brands show our values that we are able to deliver to our customers, future employers, clients or readers.

What does google search tell you about your topic, is it what you would like for your prospective employer or client to see?

If you care about your image and building your brand, first you should take a responsibility for who you are, expand your consciousness every day to live and manage your brand.

A Personal brand is a relationship; it is who you are and what you represent.

What is it like to be your friend?

What do others experience being in your company?

does this coincide with what you would like for them to experience?

If your friends don’t know what kind of person you really are, it’s time to think about who you are and what you represent.

With our personal brands, we become better leaders, we are authentic, and thus have a greater impact on others and on their lives.

Focus on being yourself in a natural way and to be the best version of yourself, not comparing yourself to anyone.

From an early age, we were accustomed to comparing with others, and even to imitate others. we lose our authenticity.  now is the time to be ourselves. Time to find each other and get rid of the desire to please others.

What your brand will be, it depends only on you and on your needs.  The only important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you’re doing.  Your brand should be a true reflection of your core values.

Choose three words that are very important to you and at the same time think about what you want to give to the world.  Try to choose them spontaneously, but you have to feel them resonate with you. If you still dont know what words to choose, think about what your three main values are. These three words should be your guide and one can formulate your motto, which will represent your personal brand.

If you have your business, it will be a cornerstone in the creation of the mission of your company.

Creating your personal brand requires discipline and commitment.  If you’re counting on immediate results, I have to disappoint you, you have to wait a bit but it is worth it.

If you need help creating your personal brand or you would like to get more information, please contact me.

Hanna Walter

Business and Career Coach

Dreams come true


When we were children, we had a head full of dreams, we firmly believed that everything would come true.

What happened to our dreams, when we became adults?

Now we have a unique opportunity to realize them.

In Everyday life, our work and children absorb us so much that our dreams are put aside for later, and sometimes, even forever.

Working as a coach, I noticed that sometimes people are afraid to even dream. They fear disappointment, so they deny themselves the pleasure of dreaming.

In fact, dreams are just goals, they differ only when we have not made a decision yet about our accomplishments, nor when we have a plan of how it will process.  With goals that fascinate and motivate us to get off the couch, life takes on a different dimension and meaning.

Conversion of dreams into goals makes the dreams become attainable. every day and every little step that we make towards it brings us closer to its realization.  The same way pleases us so that we are able to overcome the obstacles in her way, obstacles that we strengthen and reinforces the belief that this is what we really want.

In Finding our forgotten dreams, we also find what we really want in life

Allow yourself to dream. You can start by asking questions:

– What would you do if you had unlimited resources and faith that you will succeed?

– Are there any dreams that you are afraid to speak out loud?

Now think about your dreams, about things that you would like to do for fun, or what you would like to learn or want to try. Write down 10 things you would like to do for fun.

What would you like to see?

What would you like to build or create?

The answers to these questions show what you enjoy doing, what you are passionate about, what makes you feel that you are living life to the fullest.

Now, imagine yourself when you’re 80 and you are recalling your life.  Now look at your list of dreams and think about what you regret the most, if you’ve accomplished it.

How would you feel then?

How much will it cost you the non-fulfilment of this dream?

What do you lose, if you stay where you are now, nothing changing and striving to fulfil their dreams?

I hope you have answered the above questions and you already know the fulfilment of that dream, now start the implementation.

Remember you not able to eat a whole cake but you can try eating it piece by piece.

Start with a small step, it may be a decision to carry out your dreams, and thus it becomes your goal. Then list the steps that will lead to its implementation. Don’t forget to set a date to achieve this goal.

I hope you’re ready for this fascinating journey.

I wish you good luck and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, I believe you can do it.

Hanna Walter

Energy of creation


Every person who enters into the path of self-discovery in other words, self-development, at some stage meets with the concept of energy and spiritual development.

Today I would like to write about energy, about how I understand its use and how it affects our lives. This subject is very close to my heart.  I explore it for more than three years and it increasingly fascinates me, because energy affects all in our world.

My views on this subject are based on the books which are written by Dr Frank J. Kinslow “The secret of the quantum of living”, Dr Bruce Lipton “The Biology of Belief”, Dr Joe Dispenza “Breaking the habit of being yourself” and research HeartMath Institute in California.

I want to start with one of the theories of Albert Einstein, who discovered that energy and matter are one and the same.  Einstein revealed that “the universe is one, indivisible, dynamic whole, in which energy and matter are so deeply connected that they cannot be considered as separate items.”

If you already know that everything around us is made up of energy, what about our thoughts? The thought may not be as permanent as a table or a chair, but also have the energy and form.

What does this mean for us?

There is one saying which stated that “whether you believe that you will succeed or not, you’re right in both cases.”

Have you ever heard that our thoughts create our reality?

To understand this, we need to look at the smallest particles of matter, and that explains quantum physics.

In the twentieth century, many physicists have abandoned faith in the Newtonian, the material universe, because it realized that the universe is not made of matter suspended in the void, but with energy.

Atoms are composed of vortices of energy that constantly rotate and vibrate, and from them exudes energy.  Atoms do not have a physical structure.  Model of the atom quantum physics has nothing to do with the model of the atom, which we remember from school.

Atoms are made invisible energy and not a tangible matter.  The quantum universe bends the mind. “And so the matter can be defined as the tangible (particle) and as an intangible power fields (wave). When scientists study the physical properties of the atom, such as mass and weight, it looks and acts like a physical matter. However, when the same atoms are described for voltage potential, wavelength exhibit the properties and characteristics of energy (waves). ”

The universe is one, indivisible, dynamic whole, in which energy and matter are connected.

Quantum physics has discovered that which the observer experience, it changes the behaviour of the test object (the effect of the observer). This shows us that at the subatomic level, energy is responsible for our mindfulness and it becomes matter.

How it would change your life, if you applied this relationship in your daily life?

Dr of cellular biology Ph.D. Glen Rein has conducted research in the Institute of HeartMath in California, which confirmed the specific connection between our emotional state, and the rhythm of our heart. The field of our heart is an electromagnetic field, and it is five times stronger than the field of the brain. The heart reacts always first, before the information reaches the brain.

Rein tested a group of 10 people who practiced a technique called cardiac coherence, to induce feelings of love and gratitude, the test lasted for just 2 minutes. Dr Rein studied how it affects the DNA, fetch samples before and after the experience were tested, but the DNA did not show any changes.

The second group did the same, plus the expressed intention (thought). Is there any tangible result this time? Yes, the result was amazing, the DNA changed its shape with 25%.

The third group only formed the intention to change the DNA.  They were instructed not to enter in a positive emotional state.  What happened this time? DNA remained unchanged.

So, our intention (thought) needs a pacemaker and positive energy, which increases our emotions; because our heart and mind work together.

Feelings and thoughts within 2 minutes could change the shape of DNA, what is then the opportunity to create our reality? Quantum field corresponds not what we want, but who we are, it radiates with our energy.

So what signals are you sending to the creation of your reality? Is that what you want to materialize in your life?

Our thoughts sending an electromagnetic signal, which affects each atom in the world.

All potential opportunities exist in the quantum field, also known as a field of possibilities, potential, zero, Akasha records, field storage space, and even God.  The name depends on the method, but it is always the same field.

Routine thoughts, feelings felt during the day, our repetitive behaviours create the same reality in which we live. If you want to change some aspect of your reality, you must think, feel and act in a completely new way; you need to create a different state of mind and emotions. So, if you want to achieve new results, you need to become a new You.

With each day comes more scientific evidence on these statements, which already knew the ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Aztecs etc. More people are interested in knowing more about the incredible strength that we have within us, from healing ourselves to changing our reality.

There are many methods and countless possibilities, only the mind can be our limit in the knowledge and application of these methods. Some of them are Matrix Energetic, Sync, Silva Method, Theta Healing, Two points Method, Huna Techniques.

For me, the closest to Two-point method, which I practice for three years. In short, it consists in entering the field of the heart, where we formulate an intention and realise.

I wish you open-mindedness and the quantum changes.






I promise myself …


Christmas is over and it is time to reflect upon the old year and prepare for the New Year.

It is important to focus on the good things we have achieved and the good things that happened in the past year.

Don’t feel regret towards the things you didn’t achieve and go into the new year with acceptance towards that.

The year was different for everyone, but each of us is richer with new experiences and that’s what we build our expectations on for the New Year.

For me, this year was full of changes.  A year of studying, of preparation and personal growth. There were some disappointments but also a lot of fun times.

It was a year in which I met a lot of amazing people and learnt a lot from them.

The end of the year is a good time to end our issues with things and abandon old habits that prevent us from new opportunities and changes.

We need to close one door and open another.

Think about what stopped you from fulfilling your new year’s resolutions last year.

What would you like to start doing that you’re not doing right now?

Before the realization of our dreams, goals, New Year’s resolutions, first of all we stand in our own way.

Getting to know our habits that make it difficult for us, is a very important step towards achieving our goals.

What do you need to start doing to achieve at least one of your goals from your provisions?

What do you have to give up, what do you have to learn or what habits do you have to pick up?

To achieve this what held you back before, you have to start doing things you have never done before and this is the challenge for most of us.

Many people sleep through their whole life without thinking about its deeper meaning, but if you’re reading this now, it means that you are a person open to new experiences and new challenges.
Using a few days off between Christmas and New Year I would like to encourage you to reflect on your life and the reason why you’re here.

Life is a precious gift, and using our talents and passions is our inner duty to ourselves and the world.

If you have not yet discovered the desire to explore and get to know yourself.

I also encourage you to push yourself beyond your limits.

Surround yourself with people who allow you to grow and encourage challenges.

Avoid those that are limited and do not believe in you, and who don’t have the courage to change their lives.  Remember, they discourage you, because they are not able to get out of their comfort zone, they want you to be like them.

Stephen R. Covey in his book, he writes, to start with the vision of the end, imagine that you are at your funeral and there will be four speakers. The first to represent your family, the second your friends, the third is your colleague from work, and the fourth somebody from the organization, in which you operate. Now think about what you want to hear about you and your life. What would you like to remember, how would you like to perceive your character as you were a father, son, friend? How would you like to affect their lives?

Take a few minutes to reflect on what you feel. With the vision of the end, everything you do will be a significant contribution to the vision of your life as a whole. This starts with understanding your destiny. It is the knowledge of where to follow and understand where you are now, in this moment. From this point, you can begin the first steps in the right direction. You start doing the things that really count for you.

People climb the career ladder and only when on top realize this is not what they wanted (it wasn’t their ladder).

Start with the vision of the end, you will know where you are going and can avoid disappointment.

Be the architect of your life, start with a vision of the end and in small steps realize your project, even the smallest step is your success.

That’s what I wish for you in the New Year of 2017.






Our New Year resolutions


As we are approaching the new year, it is a time for new year’s resolutions, a time we hope that the new year will bring changes for the better. It is a pity that most of these resolutions will never be completed.

Most of us end up waiting for a miracle to happen and change our lives and most of our resolutions are postponed to next year. In this way, we’re giving our power to make decisions to somebody else.

How many times have you told yourself the following things:

– I’ll be happy when I move

– I’ll be happy when I have a different boss

– I’ll be happy when I finally get another job

– If I had finished a different college course maybe I would…

– If I had more time I would…

Stop blaming yourself and everything around you. Understand that first you must decide to change something and then the change starts with you. Start by making small steps. You can even start by getting up 5 minutes earlier and giving yourself 35 minutes of free time each week.

I know that it’s easier to blame other people and your circumstances but if you really want to make a change in your life you must stop thinking of yourself as a victim of your misfortunes.

For example, if you want to fix your relationship, then take the responsibility for its improvement. Stop criticizing your husband/wife and try to see the best in them. Focus on what you can change about yourself to be a better partner.

Focus on the things you have an influence over and accept what you can’t change. This way you will be much happier.

So if you find that you only see the bad things in people, change the way you think. Start by improving yourself.

So if you want to have a chance at achieving your New Year’s resolutions, its best to begin by checking your ability to come through on commitments.

When making small commitments to yourself, we get the opportunity to exercise our willpower. A strong will is like a muscle, the more we practice and use it, the stronger it becomes. It is the key to improving your chance at achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

Go practice your strong will because New Year is getting close…


The beauty of difference between us


We all know that everyone is different and unique. Every one of us has different qualifications, different stories.

How, in a world full of contradictions, different opinions and views, can we reach agreements? In our hearts, we are all very much alike. We want to love, be loved, be happy and healthy. We often forget about this and see only what divides us and the differences between us.

What we can do about this relies only on us. It’s based on valuing differences all mental, physical and psychological. Having this attitude is the foundation of good cooperation and understanding others.

How many times do we meet people who only believe that they are right, that don’t even think there is a probability that someone with a different opinion could also be right.

A person open to differences realizes that everyone can have a different opinion. He/she appreciates and understands these differences.

Often, differences arise from a different interpretation of facts. Understanding that even if we have different opinions we can still both be right, is crucial in this situation- help me see it from your perspective, how do you see it?

Thanks to this we can avoid unnecessary conflict.  By appreciating the differences, we create a great opportunity for cooperation- synergy. This is true both at work and at home.

Working in groups or in pairs, problem solving and having different opinions on a given subject makes us more creative, more engaged and committed to what we create.

We have to remember that we are all “connected”. Our attitude, mood and energy affect everyone in our environment. We can always find something good in others that we can use to expand our view of the world. Changing our attitude will encourage others to be more open to us and to appreciate the differences between us.

Whenever you’re talking to someone with a different opinion you can say- ok that’s your opinion, you see it differently. Through this you are telling him that you value his opinion that he might be right.

Even if you are convinced that only your solution is correct, you can find a third solution, where you’ll both be happy.

Now consider this: do you have anyone that you are close to, that irritate you? If so, think about whether you’re focused on the appreciation of the differences between you or if you could come to an agreement with these people?

Next time you are discussing something, try to understand what might be behind the attitude of that person.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that longest experiment in history, which lasted 75 years. It was initiated by Harvard university and psychiatrist Robert Waldinger.  It was to explain what makes humans happy and healthy. Two groups were studied. One consisted of very educated and the other of people from the lowest social group. The results were very clear.  What makes us happy and healthy is not fame and money but social connections to family, friends, community and good relationships with our loved ones.

So let us value our relationships because true happiness comes from having someone to share it with.

Our beliefs and achieving our goals


Today, I won’t be telling you how to achieve your goals because before you do that you have to take a look at what is preventing you from achieving them.

Have you ever asked yourself-  what is stopping you from achieving the things you want?

First of all, these are just limiting beliefs we bring onto ourselves and about the world. This is not what I am going to be talking about today. Today I want to tell you about your beliefs, they don’t give you strength or take it away.

Before starting on your goals, how many time shave you thought the following things:

–        This won’t work anyway I don’t have enough strength

–        I’m not smart enough

–        I never have enough time

–        I’m not attractive enough

–        You can’t trust people

These are just some of the things you may be thinking, that are effectively preventing you from trying to achieve the life you want and deserve.

Who would you be without these beliefs? What could you achieve knowing these statements are not true or are no longer true?

As children, we absorb everything anyone tells us and this is where our beliefs come from. We acquire them at a very young age. We take in the opinions of our parents, teachers and friends. We start believing what they say, things that make us stronger but can also bring us down. We keep them with us our whole lives up to the point where we prove to ourselves if they are true or not. Does your teachers opinion that you’re bad at maths mean that you won’t succeed in life? Of course, not, but you believed your teacher and carry her opinion with you even now. You don’t have to be a maths genius to achieve what you want. You definitely won’t achieve a Nobel prize in maths but why not in other fields?

When I was sixteen years old , I baked a cake but unfortunately it was undercooked. This had never happened to my mom so I received the following comment:

“if you couldn’t bake such an easy cake, you are bad at baking.” I lived with this idea for fifteen years, and in fact it made my life easier. My mom would bake cakes for every family event. After my move to Ireland, I was forced to actually bake something for myself after so many years. Suddenly it was clear that I could bake and I was quite good at it. So, it’s good to verify our beliefs about ourselves to see if they are still true. You don’t have to wait for the moment when your situation will force you to do this, you can do so at any time.

If you notice that a thought weakens you, makes your decisions harder and doesn’t allow you to step out of your comfort zone, try to find as many examples to show that it isn’t true.

It is important to question your own beliefs, not only about yourself, but everything that surrounds you and change them for current ones. At the same time, they will strengthen us.

Beliefs shape our attitude to life. our ability and attitude affects the outcome of our work and our achievements.

If you think you will succeed or fail, you are always right.

I would like to ask you, to decide what you want and ask yourself – what is stopping you from achieving it.

Write down your beliefs which are taken straight from you. ask yourself – are they still true?

Change them for the ones, which strengthen you in making decisions and living towards achieving your goals.

I know that it is not easy, you have to be patient and determined.

With your new beliefs – take action and you will see and feel that they are real

Everything takes time, so you have to be consistent in your decisions.

I wish you success in overcoming your own limitations, always remember you are WORTH it.

Courage and vulnerability


While looking through my notes, thinking about what I wanted to tell you about today, I came upon a sentence “my vulnerability is one of my strong suits”. You might not believe me, but it’s true. Before I came to this realisation, it was something I was ashamed of.  I spent most of my time trying to hide it, supress it and not show it to others or myself. Controlling this made me feel like I was losing my authenticity, my right to happiness, expressing my feelings and loving and accepting myself for who I am. I accepted the words of the people closest to me- you should be happy, others would be, other people have it worse, can’t you be like everyone else, other people can live like this why can’t you, why do you always want more, this is what life is like and other people, and other people…

Have you ever had these or similar words spoken to you?

In emigration, I meet a lot of vulnerable people, mostly women. They hide their sensitivity behind a mask of the perfect wife, mother, fiancée, who are often involved with men that they don’t love or are in toxic relationships and are taking away their right to be happy.

In this post, I want to inspire you to have the courage to accept yourself, the courage to show your authentic self, to stop constantly being in control and making predictions.

What will you gain from this? You can feel like a child again, look at the world and yourself in a way only a child could. Without prejudice or labels. You can feel free and began your life filled with courage, one your true self dreams of but is trying to forget about.

I am enough! Yes, I am truly enough, I am worthy of love, acceptance, I am authentic. We all have the right to this.

I remember what Brene Brown, a professor at the University of Houston, said. After her appearance on TED six years ago, she became a well-known expert on vulnerability and courage. After multiple years of research on human vulnerability she said, we can pick either comfort or courage. Brene Brown claimed that with courage it wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about showing yourself as you are without knowing if you are going to succeed.

On a good note: you can learn to be courageous. Courage is making decisions every day and deciding on things consistent with our values. The first step is to ask yourself this question: what is stopping me from having courage? When you know the answer to this question you can make your decision: from this day on, I will choose courage over comfort. And of course, practicing this decision every day.

I remember as a child reciting poems at school events. I was always the first one to want to do this. I loved doing it so much, that even the pre-show fear didn’t stop me. Why didn’t I give into the fear? Because it would also bring me happiness at the same time, when I could represent a poem and put my whole heart into it. During these few minutes, I was outside my comfort zone. Even now, whenever I feel fear, it’s a sign I’m going in the right direction.

The most beautiful things in life are found outside our comfort zone, past our fear. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you’re going to stay in the same place or someone else with decide what your life should look like.

Have you decided to take the first step? Sometimes you will fail, but if you don’t do anything, you will neither succeed or fail.

Take your life into your hands- in the end, it is your life.

You’re not here to please others. Don’t live your mother’s life or your fathers. Live your own life.

In conclusion, I wish you courage with all my heart.

If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them.