My name is Hanna Walter and I’m a certified Business and Career Coach and trainer. I am also a wife and a mother to my two teenage daughters.

I am very happy that you have found my blog.  Throughout my life, I have changed careers a number of times. I’ve worked in a small firm, a large corporation as part of the senior staff. After that I had my own business where I found success and some failures. I now manage my own business in Ireland where inspire others to take their lives into their own hands and follow their dreams. I inspire you to reach your business goals and personal ones.

Emigration has caused me to have to start from the beginning, Learning the language, working in a supermarket much below my qualification, A moment of self-doubt and unhappiness, and I think I’ve dealt with all types of people.

Looking at it now from a different perspective, the perspective of a coach, I can see that one thing is for sure-  change. It depends on us, we are passive or we take our lives into our own hands. Will we wait for a miracle or actively go achieve our goals by listening to our heart and soul.

It’s never too late to learn something new, to sign up for a course, but above this, it’s never too late to begin a new career, set up your own business, meet new people and to find out who we really are.

I’ve always enjoyed motivating my friends. Now as a coach I have a chance to inspire and motivate much more people. I hope you like my blog and become a faithful reader. Thank you.

The photo below was taken in April 2016. I was one of the finalists for Business Woman of The Year 2016.meyrick-photo


You can visit my website http://www.inspiringcoaching.ie

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