Intelligence has more than one name

The time we live in is not an easy time for us, but for many of us it

can become a time of inner transformation and self-discovery.

Do you sometimes ask yourself?

– Am I wasting my life?

– Do I use my natural talents?

– Is the place where I live my place?

– I wanted to do so much in my life, what am I doing here? Is it forever?

Or maybe you don’t ask yourself these questions, but you feel that something is wrong in your life, that you are doing something that you no longer enjoy at all, that you feel that this is not your place, that the role you play doesn’t suit you anymore.  Now is the best time to make bold decisions, such straight from the heart, without deep analysis, because the analysis is based only on your experiences, and there has never been a situation in which we are all now. Get a different perspective on your life as if you were to make a decision about your life for the first time. If fear and calculation disappeared what would you do?

We live in a time where we cannot be sure of tomorrow, we do not know what a good choice next year will turn out to be. There are no longer certain jobs or certain businesses, but you can always be sure that your greatest friend will always stay with you, because you are one for yourself and you will always remain.

Trust yourself, trust your inner strength and get to know yourself anew, or even for the first time. Discover yourself from the roles you play, those you have chosen yourself and those assigned to you by others. You will find yourself there, you will find your confidence, you will find your truth which is your Power.

Sit in a safe, quiet place, take a few breaths, and ask yourself questions that may not come right away, but be patient, sometimes they come up when you don’t expect them.

Who am I?

Where am I going and where do I want to go?

Is the path I have chosen mine?

Why did I choose it?

Does what I’m doing make sense?

What makes me special?

What am I the best at?

If money didn’t matter, would I still be doing what I do?

Do my abilities and my intelligence allow me to implement my plans?

Is what I am doing developing me?

If you have already answered them, did you find out anything new about yourself?

Each of us wants to love and be loved, develop and leave something for others.

We often choose our profession, passion, occupation, business under the influence of family, friends, good uncles or the desire to be someone who impresses us. But are you happy? Are you in all this yourself? We forget that there is no other person like us and we have to look for the answers within ourselves and our choices must be ours.

 Do you remember how we were told that intelligence is so important, and the intelligence test will tell us how talented and amazing we are, or even vice versa 😊 It was a test that really only tests mathematical and logical intelligence. Have you heard that there are more types of intelligence?

I would like you to learn about 9 types of intelligence according to the Multiple Intelligence  Theory from the 1980s, psychologist Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University. Knowing them will give you a new perspective on your abilities, and the usual intelligence test will no longer matter. Think about which type of intelligence is closest to you, and which type dominates.

– Logical and mathematical intelligence β€“ Number Smart -good coping with mathematical and logical tasks, critical thinking, creative problem solving. Frequently chosen professions are mathematician, teacher, physicist, scientist, and detective.

– Linguistic and linguistic intelligence β€“ Word Smart – efficient use of spoken and written language, easy learning of foreign languages. The chosen professions are a poet, writer, translator, speaker, teacher, advertising specialist.

– Spatial intelligence β€“ Picture Smart – thinking with pictures, very good orientation in space. Visualizing the world in 3D. The chosen professions are those related to art, painter, sculptor, architect, interior designer, as well as a driver, pilot and photographer.

– Musical intelligence β€“ Music Smart – very good hearing, sense of rhythm, usually a good voice. The chosen professions include composer, musician, singer, singing teacher, actor.

– Bodily-Kinaesthetic intelligence β€“ Body Smart – perfect coordination, developed sense of balance. They love sports and dancing. Often chosen professions are athlete, dancer, surgeon, personal trainer, manual work.

– Interpersonal (social) intelligence β€“ People Smart – talent for building relationships with people, listening, excellent interlocutors. They can read other people’s and their own emotions. They often become politicians, leaders, teachers, psychologists and coaches.

– Intrapersonal intelligence β€“ Self Smart – focus on personal development, constant improvement, self-awareness, empathy, internal motivation, self-confidence, following one’s own path, independence. Professions in which people with this type of intelligence will find themselves are all those in which own work and the ability to self-organize are required.

– Naturalist intelligence β€“ Nature Smart – understanding and reading nature and animals. They love to be in the field, outdoors. The chosen professions are a veterinarian, gardener, geologist, zoologist,

– Existential intelligence – high spiritual sensitivity, the need for spiritual development, they are often interested in esotericism and paranormal phenomena. They often become clerics, esoteric, numerologists, and spiritual guides.

Do you already know which intelligences dominate in you? If not, then, for better diagnosis, rate them on a scale from 0 to 10. The intelligences that you rated the highest are dominant and for confirmation, ask the people closest to you for their assessment. Does your choice match their choice?

Hope you found this post valuable and gave you some food for thought. By getting to know yourself step by step, you become a more aware person and your future choices become easier and easier.

Good luck with your future conscious choices.

Remember you are IMPORTANT

If you have any questions let me know

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